[ENG] Postach.io hacks. How to schedule posts

Константин Докучаев
Константин Докучаев

This post is brief translation of my original post.

Many blog services allows you to schedule your posts. Today I'll teach you how to do this on

Send an e-mail

The first step is to send an email at predefined time. You can do it with any tool that you prefer. I can recommend

It allows you to schedule your e-mails.

You must send this e-mail to special Evernote address . You can find it in My account section:

This "hack" allow you to schedule note to

E-mail format

You can read full explanation of Evernote e-mail format


){:target="_blank" title="
How to send email into Evernote

You should specify in header of your e-mail Post name @Postach.io's
#tags published & markdown. Inside e-mail just type your future post:

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