This is short version of my original
post. I'll explain hot to get back all your content from blog platform. What to do next is your choice.

Backup of your content

You don't need to do anything here. All your content is in your Evernote account.

URL recover

But must important thing is to recover all URL for your posts. URLs are most important part if you decide to change your blog platform. All URLs already indexed by search engine. Users have these URLs in bookmarks and etc.

You can get all your link with Sitemap, that already enabled for Just go this link http://yourdomain/sitemap.xml and you'll see this page:

It's an .xml file that you can open with any text editor. You can extract all your URL inside loc tag.

With these two easy steps you will have backup of your content and URLs.

Move to Tumblr

I won't describe registration and setup process for Tumblr. You should remember that you Tumblr's blod URL should be same as your's blog.

You need to re-upload all your current post manually. Choose post type on Tumblr and upload post by post. Tumblr supports Markdown so it should be easy.

Don't forget to specify your old URL and publication data:

14 days trial period is too short. What should I do?

Write e-mail to
and your trial will be extended.

I don't like new plans. Can you change them?

Developers think about lower price plan.

If your blog is educational, student, etc. e-mail to
and ask for sicount.

All current users should receive email with discount promo code if not e-mail to

Is there alternative to

Yes. Blogwith or Sentinote for Wordpress.

Leave a comment if you have more questions.

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